Top 5 Comedian Youtubers In INDIA

Top 5 Comedian Youtubers In INDIA

There are many YouTubers in India but some of them are very popular so in this topic, we will discuss top 10 comedian YouTubers in India. All of them make good scripts for their videos. They all shoot in high resolution but when the topic is about comedy then the qualities should not matter in the video. So let's jump into our top 10 comedian youtubers list.

BB Ki Vines:
The first of a list is Buuban Bam also known as BB ki Vines. He is the most popular YouTuber in India. The main attraction of his channel is he made his all videos from his phone. he is the first YouTuber who has gained 1 million likes in a single video for the first time from India as singers youtube. and I am not sure that if there any video is available with a million views. whenever he releases any video then it goes to the YouTube trending page. So I think no videos less than a million views is available on his channel. Some days ago he has also made a video with Amanda Cerny and it also goes viral. the first time when he uploaded his video then it did not get many views nearly 20 to 30 views but after sometimes when he uploaded regular videos then a video of his channel got viral from Pakistan and all happened. Now his channel has 1.2 billion views and nearly 8.6 million subscribers. And his last video with Amanda Cerny got about 10 million views. His hard work, regular videos prove that the materials of the video are more important than the quality of the video.

Amit Bharana:
Amit Bhadana is the fastest growing YouTube channel till now. he is in this YouTube industry about 2 years in this two years he had made his life because he had got about it. 2 million subscribers and nearly 557 million views in his single channel and he has also reached his goal about 1 million likes in a single video like BB ki Vines. I think his videos are perfect video in one word. the main thing from where he gets main views is from his Facebook fan following page he had a large number of fan following. So he got a large number of Views From Facebook as of now. If you have not watched him any videos then you have missed really heart touching stories. like BB ki Vines he doesn't make videos by himself only he make his videos with everyone so, in this case, he had a number of people works for him. Like Riya Mavi.

Mostly Sane:
She is one of the most famous growing youtuber. Yes, you have heard me right I used the word she. Her full name is Prajakta Koli. Prajakta made his YouTube channel on 12th February on 2015. Now, his channel contains 190 Million Views and 2.2 Million Subscribers. As a Lady Youtuber, She is the best Youtube Comedy Video Creator in India in my Opinion. She has also collabed with some Other Famous Youtubers like Be Bhuban Bam (BB ki Vines), Be YouNick, Ashis Chanchlani, Mumbai Nikhil, Filter Copy

Carryminati is basically a channel where people got roasted so in his channel you will find, he rosts every popular stupid video with his astonishing magical voice. He is one of the best inspiration was PewDiePie. He catches a real friend where the Indian peoples and the other people laugh. So he is in the trending when his video comes. This Channel has nearly 388 million views and 3.8 million subscribers.

Be YouNick:

Being the author of this article I would say about Be YouNick that I like their videos because these videos are short and to the point. and all of their stories have an extra twist at the end of the video. as of now, they have 240 Million Views in their channel and 2 Million Subscribers.

So, these are my top 5 Comedy Youtubers List Hope You Guys Like.
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