Top 5 Tech YouTubers in INDIA

Top 5 Tech YouTubers in INDIA

There are millions of technical channels in India. If you go to then search for technical channels then you will get a millions of result I think (Wait Man.... I just searched on youtYou about 'Technical Channel' and I got nearly 8 Million results) and this article is for you guys who are pretty much confused which tech channels to choose and which channel give knowledge about tech more accurate. So this article dedicated to you all about top 5 Indian Tech Youtubers. Hope you guys enjoy reading the article.

#1 Technical Guruji:

Everyone who is reading this article should have imagined minimum 1 time about this Interesting Name  'Technical Guruji' also known as 'Gourav Choudhury'. He is in the YouTube industry about 2 Years now and He had gained about 7.3 Million Subscribers and 700 Million Views. All of his videos are in the National language of India i.e Hindi. People from different countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, United Arabia as well as India watches his channel. The main attraction of his channel is his spirit of talking. His Famous Dialogue is 

Chaliye Suru Karte Hain
 Every day he publishes 2 videos1 video is about tech-talks and another one is a random topic such as unboxing, Reviews, some tips and tricksTechnology Explained, and also he shares his own knowledge about tech. This routine was followed for Monday to Saturday. In Sunday's He Make a QnA Session about tech AKA Sunday Tech Masala. TG interact with People by answering his followings questions. About a year back he had made his second channel where he shares his personal life named as 'Gourav Choudhury' and shared his first video '26 Years of his journey'. I think within a day the channel crossed 100k Subscribers. You know what I am saying it is just a day and he crossed 100k is really a great milestone. Now this time channel contains 1 Million Subscribers and Over 40 Million Views. That is great I think. He is My inspiration I mean not mine he is the inspection of all Million other Tech Youtubers. Hope he will grow more and more. 

#2 GeekyRanjit:

If you are watching youtube from 2011 then you must know GeekyRanjit as a tech youtuber. He is in this industry for about 7 years now. But didn't know why he has low subscribers. Low mean 1.8 Million. it is not low but see how many time he has spent on YouTube and he has only views. But when we talk about quality and content geekyranjit channel provides excellent unboxing, Reviews, and much more and nowadays he is explaining some tech facts, and other topics, so all in all the channel is in English. That is the main reason for Geekyranjit for lower Subscribers. When we talk about TG then we found that his channel has all contents in Hindi he has targeted India's 255 Million People. Whereas geeekyranjit is trying to gather people from the international market. One fact about Geekyranjit is that He does not make any giveaways. It is the main reason Geekyranjit's low subscribers. He thinks that giveaways are made for gaining new subscribers. It is just a publicity stunt. The subscribers they gained through this type of giveaways they came to their channel for the only giveaways, not for their channel contents. So, Geekyranjit doesn't make any giveaways. He wants to be a true Indian YouTube channel. He makes good quality content. He has also a Hindi channel named 'Geekyranjit in Hindi'. In his Hindi channel, He publishes Hindi version of his English content it has nearly 500k Subscribers and 25 Million views. So, long story short He is a great Tech video creator in my Opinion.

#3 Beebom:

In the third rank, I have placed Beebom. Hey buddy!! Don't worry it is not a bomb. Just joking.. Let's go to our main point. Beebom isa New Media company. They haveana official website. And this youtube channel is one of the part of their website. They have published Beebom app on Playstore, IOS(Not sure I don't have ios device) from which one can get Most Trending Newses. There are mainly 3 people behind the Beebom they are Rupesh SinhaAkshay GangwarDevendra, pratic etc. They all shoot together but as a single person. They also do tech reviews, Unboxing, graduated under a certain price, Android phones tips and tricks, apps they use in their daily day life, which laptop should you buy at a certain price, Honest reviews that's all. I don't know which lens they use for their Panasonic Camera but the video quality is stunning and the video is to the point. This channel has Nearly 110 Million views and 1.1 Million Subscribers. Though it is very low among other YouTubers I think They are doing their best and one day they will reach their goals.

#4 C4E Tech:

C4E tech is one of the oldest channels I Remember. I think this is 7 years old now. Firstly, When the channel was announced then they make software tips and tricks and Android IOS Rooting Guide, now He makes Unboxing, Reviews and many types of discussion. When it comes about tech ash tries to show the first hands on the devices as a little example I would say Redmi A2 is still not launched in India but he still took the phone from China and showed Unboxing and reviews in his Channel. His channel contains 250 Million views and 1.2 Million Subscribers. As a Trending Tech Geek, I like his channel very much.   

#5 iGyaan:

I am recently following many tech channels but among then iGyaan is one. I think this is the only YouTuber in India who uses Red Camera For His recording. If you use Android Device then you will not find the 4K option. If you use PC or laptop then you will find this 4K option. And the other thing which I like is he shoots in 4K 60FPS. One thing about his channel is he always tries to get the best thing, make the best thing (PC), Buy the best thing His footages are really amazing. He make videos of Unboxing, Giveaways (BTW recently he is doing a giveaway for 4 Oneplus 6 Red edition.), And top tech under a certain money, Reviews, and much more and this youtube channel is the official channel of iGyaan Website. His channel contains 152 Million views and 976k Subscribers. More or less I like his videos very much. So, you should definitely check him out.

**So these are my top 5 tech YouTuber India I know some of you guys are asking where is GT HindiPhone Rader, MY Smart Support, Technical Sagar, Prince Chandra, Sharmaji Technical, Jay Kapoor,  Technical Dost, Dhananjay Bhosle, Techno Ruhez, But I found these top 5 guys are Ossom for their Quality Content

***What You Guys think tell me in the comment section below and I will Catch You In my Next article.

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