About Us

Techwisher is a growing tech union. you will get Everything related to tech. Our posts are mainly made for global people. People from all over the world watch the page. Here you will get tech reviews, Trending topics, DIY Ideas, and much more. We are also working on our website app. When the app is fully prepared we will notify you. 

Who is the behind this Website? 

Hello! there, I am Creative creator aka Dhritiman De. I am mainly Youtuber and this is the official website of Creative creator. Here are a few things about me.

  1. First, before starting the blog, I used to read many technical blogs I liked their posts and also commented on their posts. And learned so many things.
  2. But at that time I was in 12th class so that time there was too much pressure that I can't get time for exploring my passion. 
  3. I completed HS examination, Being a tech geek I took 'Electrical Engineering' as my stream and at that time I have free time to Explore so I decided to start my Blog.
  4. And Here is my story for making this blog. Before starting the Blog I have a Youtube Channel named Creative creator. The main reason for this blog was that some topics cannot be explained through YouTube. That's why I made this awesome website.
  5. Hope You will Appreciate my work.
  6. BTW if You still have not subscribed to my YouTube channel, What you are doing Man!! Hit the subscribe button on YouTube